First off, I adore me personally some interior decoration mags

First off, I adore me personally some interior decoration mags

Newsflash: Adams Morgan Remains Grody

Saturday, I became roped into a visit to the Icky Strip for a pal’s birthday. The guy likes Adams Morgan, because it supplies the better eavesdropping into the city (an individual fave of ours, “I didn’t need to make out thereupon man, but there seemed to be nothing else accomplish!”). He desired to take in, the guy wished to dancing, the guy wanted me to flake out into a ball of soreness and weep. Fortunate for him, we accomplished all three missions. Happy birthday, dude.

The guys are mainly ‘burban meatheads, circling and gaming her prey. The women are all thoroughly dolled upwards, putting on their finest low-cut clothing, and rounding-out their own gigantic evening ensembles making use of the loveliest addition of all of the…cheap plastic flip-flops.

Area rant: Why flip-flops? Besides using actually an ounce of satisfaction within look, the reason why would any individual need any part of their body within near number of any surface of Adams Morgan? And just why could you wear something exposes you to severe injuries whenever that drunk girl in the stilettos lurches the right path? Boots, group. That’s what sets apart united states through the creatures.

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Next, I hate Adams Morgan. Third, I detest flip-flops. They aren’t attractive, nor will they be also remotely fashion forth. And um. yeah, which is all.

Adams Morgan on a Saturday-night or being Waterboarded while Kenny G records use a countless loop. jump golf ball.

HP – personally, the worst thing about flip-flops may be the method men and women walking when wear all of them – toes curled under, shuffle shuffle. Continue reading “First off, I adore me personally some interior decoration mags”