All 3 combined 250 most common passwords

All 3 combined 250 most common passwords

There has been three instances that I know of where a significant number of hacked account passwords have been publicly released. I have obtained the lists and made a thorough analysis of each of them, including the most common passwords and character frequencies. In total, there were 116782 passwords.

Myspace Phising: 47380 Account Passwords

In 2006 there was a large scale phishing attack on myspace accounts. Someone found the file on the server where the compromised accounts were being saved to. 47380 emails / passwords were found. A password analysis was done here and here.

phpBB: 28644 Account Passwords

In someone noticed an exploit listed on milw0rm for PHPlist, a newletter manager. Continue reading “All 3 combined 250 most common passwords”