7 Interest and Attraction Eye Body Language Gestures

7 Interest and Attraction Eye Body Language Gestures

Another great article on reading people’s emotions!! It’s interesting that Researcher Monika Moore found that men often miss a women’s first eye-gazing courtship signal and that they need to give it three times before we as man get the hint.

Looking to Their Right = Auditory Thought (Remembering a song) Looking to Their Left = Visual Thought (Remembering the color of a dress)

Have always heard that looking to the left is remembering something from the past and looking to the right is anticipating something in the future.

I have had suspicions about my girlfriend cheating on mea lot of the signs are there and she denies it all the time but last night II said once a cheater always a cheatershe instantly started rubbing her eyes and looked awayI know she loves me and I love her but is that a pretty strong sign

Hi Wray, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. Remember, there is not ONE SIGN that means someone is lying. Our recommendation is that you always baseline first (observe dating in your 30s review how they act in a calm, neutral environment), then look for red flags as you press deeper into the conversation. Continue reading “7 Interest and Attraction Eye Body Language Gestures”